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Website & Competitor Analysis

Is your website not producing sales or are visitors not staying (bouncing)? Whatever the issue, find out what is wrong and what areas require fixing. You'll receive a report comparing your website to key competitors. The evaluation covers the following key dimensions:

  • Website navigation and layout evaluation
  • Key messages and images on the home page
  • Overall offering comparison
  • Other issues that we encounter that might hinder conversions


1. You decide on the number of competitors, or if we should identify them on your behalf
*You can determine how many competitors to include when purchasing credits for this module
2. You identify up to 2 key issues in the form of actions you want visitors to perform (such as registering for a newsletter)
*This is an important part of the evaluation because users struggling to find/do something will navigate away from the website
3. Analyst examines your website using the issues you selected
4. Analyst assesses your website using our list of key dimensions (layout, key messages, images, other issues) for up to 1 hour
5. Analyst examines each competitor using the same criteria for up to 45 minutes per competitor
6. A report is compiled with all the findings. Recommendations are also included to provide direction to your web designer

Example report

The report provides a brief overview of the method, then provides results for each of the alternatives you selected.
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