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Custom solutions

Acentric offers custom marketing research for the following use cases. These offerings allow more detail and tailoring than the standard modules in the store, as well options to conduct international surveys. Reach out for a custom proposal and quotation:

New product development surveys
Problem detection - generate new concepts/ideas
Screen new concepts and ideas to find the best
KDA - key driver analysis to identify priorities for improvement (importance vs performance)
Conjoint analysis - advanced feature and price trade-off analysis

Price research surveys
Find the share / revenue maximizing price point

Brand mapping
Map the relative positioning of your brand over 6 key areas
Estimate the importance of different aspects of your positioning
Find brand segments
Determine which competitors are perceived to be the closest substitutes
Calculate a brand equity score

Media testing and evaluation
Screen alternative ads
Key driver analysis for YouTube and other video

Package design research
Screen up to 20 alternative designs

Marketing strategy development
Segmentation studies

Standard solutions

Ready-made research processes that offer affordability and speed. Browse the store to purchase.

Test alternatives, whether new product concepts, package designs, logos or anything else you can imagine.

Key driver analysis surveys; identify what's important, what's performing well and what is not. Prioritize areas for improvement, whether customer satisfaction, products, videos or anything else with identifiable attributes that a consumer can rate.

Don't ask what they want, show them alternatives and build a powerful model based on responses that can make predictions. Figure out feature tradeoffs during product design and work out prices that optimize criteria such as market share or revenue.

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